Welcome to Gladhouse-studio!

Why Gladhouse?  My name is Gary L. DeSomber and my initials are G, L, And D. 
I Hope you'll be GLAD you came aboard to see what's being offered.  Most of my life has been devoted to family and career in insurance business.   Now that I'm collecting Social Security and work part time, I've decided to make use of my talents and many interests in what years I have remaining in more than just a hobby capacity.  Over the years I have dabbled in...
  • Cartooning (Published several cartoons in magazines/newspapers and taught adult Ed classes in humorous illustrations)
  • Photography (photos on display at Iowa State Fair) 
  • Public Speaking (Past president of local Toastmaster chapter and award winning speechmaker & writer)
  • Acting (performed in several Community Theater productions as well as commercials and films locally)
  • Writing (written award winning plays and short films and past President of ISA -Iowa Scriptwriters Alliance)
  • Promotional activities and Charity events (Past President of local Jaycees and designed cartoon T-shirts)
  • Film Producer ( Recently produced two short films and preparing a feature length film project)
THREE CATEGORIES which I now wish to focus on and am seeking interested sponsors/partners/assistance/suggestions.

Film Production and Scriptwriting     I'll want to get both DVD's downloaded so they can be viewed.  I'll get more  information regarding current script projects and how I wish people to get involved.

Order book here

Again, I'll get a video made that shows what & how to get involved.